Eamonn Butler

Author and broadcaster on economics and social issues

About Eamonn

Dr Eamonn Butler is Director and co-founder of Britain’s leading free-market policy think tank, the Adam Smith Institute, and a leading author and broadcaster on economics and social issues. Westminster insiders look forward each week to his wry online commentary on politics and politicians.


Eamonn has received many awards in recognition of his long-term commitment to furthering the market economy, such as the UK National Free Enterprise Award and the Freedom Medal of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. He is Honorary Secretary of the Mont Pelerin Society, an international association of distinguished scholars and entrepreneurs, founded in 1947 by the Nobel economist F A Hayek.


Eamonn commissioned and raised the funding for the statue of the economist and philosopher Adam Smith (1723-1790), which stands in Edinburgh’s High Street. He has appeared in many TV and film documentaries on policy issues, such as ‘Brexit: The Movie’, and produced the two-part historical documentary ‘Secrets of the Magna Carta’.


Eamonn is a prolific author of books on a wide range of subjects, from economics through psychology to politics. These include easy-read introductions to the economists Milton Friedman, F A Hayek and Adam Smith, and a short explanation of how markets work, called (modestly) The Best Book on the Market, which he wrote to be “so simple that even politicians can understand it.”