Eamonn Butler

Author and broadcaster on economics and social issues

About the Mont Pelerin Society

Eamonn is Vice-President of the Mont Pelerin Society, a learned society of economists and political scientists that was originally founded by F A Heyek (later a Nobel Economist) in 1947. Hayek’s aim was to collect thinkers who recognised the dangers of collectivism and wished to develop liberal ideas that would help create a free society and free economy.

The 36 original members first met in Mont Pelerin in Switzerland, from which the Society takes its name. Along with Hayek himself, they included economists Ludwig von Mises, Milton Friedman, Frank Knight, Lionel (later Lord) Robbins, George Stigler and Walter Eucken; philosophers Bertrand de Jouvenel and Karl (later Sir Karl) Popper; and historian C V (later Dame Veronica) Wedgwood.

It is now many hundreds strong, and holds international meetings every two years and a number of regional meetings each year. The Society is not aligned to any political party, and does not issue corporate views on any subject, but exists solely to facilitate the exchange of ideas between like-minded scholars and study issues in the establishment and development of liberal, free-market social systems.

Karl Popper (back row), Ludwig von Mises (front row to the right) and others at the first meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in 1947

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