Eamonn Butler

Author and broadcaster on economics and social issues

Friedrich Hayek: The ideas and influence of the libertarian economist

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This book is an accessible exploration of the life and work of Friedrich Hayek—Nobel economist, social theorist, influential critic of socialism and the man who arguably changed the course of Western history thanks to the impact of his ideas on both Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. He was one of the leading economists of the 20th century and the leading contemporary critic of Keynes. He did pioneering work on monetary theory and trade cycles, but achieved international fame through his 1944 critique of totalitarian socialism, The Road to Serfdom. He went on to map out the principles of a free society in a series of books including Law, Legislation and Liberty and became the leading proponent, along with Milton Friedman, of economic and political liberalism. Setting him in context as well as incorporating criticism since his death 20 years ago, this book explores several major areas of Hayek’s thought and argument.

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