Eamonn Butler

Author and broadcaster on economics and social issues

More About Eamonn

Dr Eamonn Butler co-founded the Adam Smith Institute with his colleague Dr Madsen Pirie. Over those three decades, the Institute has become one of the world’s leading economic and social policy think-tanks. In recognition, Eamonn and Madsen received the 2010 National Free Enterprise Award.

Eamonn is one of Total Politics magazine’s top 50 Political Influencers, coming in at Number 30 on their list.

Among his other distinctions, Eamonn has won the Freedom Medal of the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, and is Vice-President of the Mont Pelerin Society, an international body of leading economists.

Eamonn comes from a family of policy activists. His brother, Stuart M Butler, was Vice President of the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC before moving in 2014 to the Brookings Institution. His great aunt, Violet Ann (“Annie”) Bland, was a leading suffragette, who wrote about her experiences of being imprisoned after her part in a ‘votes for women’ demonstration and then force-fed in prison when she went on hunger strike. Annie rescued and brought up five of her sister’s orphaned children, including Eamonn and Stuart’s father, Richard Henry Bland Butler. As Eamonn wrote: “I am quite proud of my great aunt, who suffered terrible injustice for a just cause. Indeed, without her, I probably wouldn’t even be here.”

After leaving St Andrews University in the 1970s with degrees in Economics, Psychology and Ethics, Eamonn became a Policy Analyst at the US Congress, picking up valuable insights into how laws were really made. He also spent a year teaching philosophy as Assistant Professor at Hillsdale College in Michigan, before returning to help create the Adam Smith Institute.

He has written books on a wide range of subjects, from economics through psychology to politics. These include easy-read introductions to the economists Milton Friedman, F A Hayek and Adam Smith, and a short explanation of how markets work, called (modestly) The Best Book on the Market. Eamonn is also co-author of Forty Centuries of Wage and Price Controls and a series of books on IQ. Recently, he has published a popular paperback explaining what has gone wrong with the UK, The Rotten State of Britain, and a 12-step plan to cure it, The Alternative Manifesto.

Eamonn’s ability to explain complex economic and political issues in a simple, witty and controversial style has led to him being in great demand as a speaker and writer. He has appeared on speaking platforms in every continent except Antarctica, is a regular commentator on TV and radio current affairs programmes, and writes in national and international newspapers.

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